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Clients are often mistaken in thinking that acrylic nails are all the same, but this is not the case.
Although there are plenty of beauty salons and nail techs around that can produce a beautiful set of enhancements, there are also unfortunately, those salons that prey on peoples lack of knowledge when it comes to products and application.
One thing I hear often from new clients is "it hurt when I had them done last time"
This treatment should not hurt!  It is a pampering treatment not to be likened to going to the dentist!!  No decent nail technician would use an electric drill on the natural nail plate, so if someone comes near, leave as fast as you can!!  This along with bad application is what ruins your nails - not enhancements!

Some salons use a product call MMA in their enhancements, I don't wish to scare anyone, but if you are thinking of having enhancements, please take a look at the link below, but beware, it is not for the squeamish!!

The Art of Nailz- MMA Is Not For Nails

EU registered Monomer is what should be used in your enhancements, I've heard people complain that they don't last as long when this is used but that is because it is a safer product that is designed so that if you bash or hit you hand/nail or take a stumble, when heavy pressure is put on the nail then your enhancement will break and NOT take your natural nail with it. I have a saying "your nails are jewels NOT tools!" treat them with respect and your enhancements should last.
If unsure of any salon, do not be afraid to ask your nail tech if she is qualified and more importantly, what is she qualified in! Have they studied nail anatomy and physiology?  Are their certificates on display or available to view? They should be or any good tech will not mind (more so be proud) showing you.  If your technician is offering services she is not qualified in e.g. offering enhancements when they are only qualified in manicures and pedicures, then they will not be insured when treating you.

This is why I insist on using the best products available and continuing to update my training whenever I feel it is needed so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Please do not let what I have have said put you off enhancements - just be careful when making your choice xx


Using the finest quality CND products, you can have wonderful looking hands with our Acrylic enhancements.


Full Set of Acrylic Nail Enhancements                                      £30

Extensions are not only strong but will make your nails look and feel incredibly natural. Polished or left clear they will always give you a beautiful finish.

Acrylic - per nail  £3


Full Set of Acrylic Natural Nail overlays                              £27

The extension is applied straight to the natural nail without the tip. Perfect if you want to strengthen your natural nails


Infill (at 2 weeks)                        £22
Rebalance (at 2 weeks)                  £28

As your natural nails continue to grow a gap will begin to appear, this area of re-growth can be filled so the nails look as good as new. Recommended every 2-3 weeks.


Soak Off & Full Set of Acrylic Nail Enhancements £35   

It is recommended that the extensions are completely removed at least every 3 months, although this will vary for each person. This will ensure that the nails remain looking natural and even.                         

Soak Off & New Set of Acrylic Natural Nail Overlays £30     

Again, it is recommended that the extensions are completely removed at least every 3 months, although this will vary for each person. This will ensure that the nails remain looking natural and even.


Removal with Mini Manicure   £17
Hollywood Toes                    £30
Rock Star Toes (glitter)             £30
Nail Art                          £1 per nail

Full Set                          £55
Big Toe + Shellac                 £45
Big Toe + Polish                  £35  


Party/Weekender Nails             £15

Want fabulous nails for the weekend or a special event but don't want the commitment of full nail extensions? Then these are just the thing!!

If Nail Extensions are required for a short period of time such as a weekend or special occasion, temporary nails are perfect. Much quicker to apply and less costly. 

Each nail and cuticle is carefully cleansed and prepped and then measured to find a matching nail tip.  This is attached using very strong nail glue just behind the smile line of the natural nail. They are then blended, filed and polished in a colour of your choice.

An ideal solution for someone requiring short nails in their everyday life but requiring an instant 'superglam' look for a weekend away or special occasion.

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